As a major player in Innovation and high‐tech Engineering consulting, Astek accompanies its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services in the fields of Innovation, R&D and IT systems. We believe that Engineering and Information Technology have taken a decisive role in shaping the future of enterprises, enabling them to become more efficient and competitive. By harnessing technology and injecting creativity, we turn your ideas into reality. From startups to multinationals, our in depth expertise gives us the agility to shape innovative technological solutions matching the business objectives of our clients. Covering every stage of project development from strategic planning through to manufacturing, we can advise you, create a complete vision, work with you or for you.


Our services focus in 3 main areas of expertise:

How we do it


We believe listening is a crucial key factor of effectiveness to have a firm grasp of what your stakes and goals are.


We challenge the information received to build a strong knowledge base of fresh ideas and seek for innovative solutions


Our creation process is deeply influenced by our culture, driven by creativity and innovation, to provide you the best solutions.


We rely on our more than 25 years technological know how combined with our agility to shape high customised solutions.


We take pride in delivering robust, efficient and bugs free solutions thanks to our diligence and mature testing processes.


We help you deploy the technical solutions and assist your teams in harnessing them to make the most of it.



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Being an Astek means being an out of the box thinker, a precursor who is keen to create, innovate and collaborate in an environment where you can enjoy being yourself and valued for your ideas. It's being part of a community of experts that have a passion for and stay abreast of the latest technologies, help each other grow and create innovative solutions to tackle our clients challenges.

You feel like a technology pioneer, full of creative ideas, supported by a strong know how and expertise in the latest technologies? You value trust, ethics and respect? We would love to hear from you!